• Erik Chacón

    Erik Chacón

    Senior Developer with more than 20 years of experience in several programming languages: Python, Node JS, C#, Ruby and lastly Dart with emphasis in Flutter

  • Fadil Nugraha Adithama

    Fadil Nugraha Adithama

    An end-year college student that still learning about tech and UI/UX. https://github.com/fadirru

  • The Original DDT

    The Original DDT

    CTO of Xiid Corporation, ethical hacker, hardcore software designer and developer, serial entrepreneur.

  • John Mark (연구실노예)

    John Mark (연구실노예)

  • Juliusivander


  • Roger Ball

    Roger Ball

  • Иванов Никита

    Иванов Никита

    Техно-оптимизм Иванова. Технологии, кино, книги, идеи, философия, рассуждения

  • Ram Johri

    Ram Johri

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